Upcoming Art Show

You’re invited to Artist Larissa Maxwell’s upcoming solo art show “Over My Shoulder”

180 E Pender Street, Vancouver

November 4, 2022: 5-9pm Opening Night Reception

November 5, 2022: 1-5pm Gallery Viewing, 5-9pm Reception

November 6, 2022: 10-4pm Gallery Viewing

Show Concept

“Artists have a unique relationship with those who watch our journey from over our shoulder. From audiences to critics, supports and family, all play a unique role in the artist’s journey. Larissa had a special viewer over her shoulder for many years, Iolanda Violini, or as she was known to the artist, Nonna (her Italian grandmother). Gifting Larissa her first art studio space over 15 years ago, Nonna would sit quietly behind Larissa and watch her paint for hours. The studio investment and those hours together were foundational to building her art practice, skill, and rooting her work in her cultural identity. Iolanda passed away December 19, 2021, and this show explores and honors the important role of those who engage with us “over our shoulder.”

– Artist Larissa Maxwell

Explore Three Collections

This show is a rare occurrence- Larissa only curates solo art shows once every 3-5 years. She will be showing over 30 acrylic and encaustic paintings from three ongoing collections- Versare (pour), Bruciare (burn), and Lignaggio (line). Explore the collections here.

Audio Tour

This show will integrate special influences of Larissa’s relationship with her Nonna (Iolanda Violini) as an immersive experience, including the refreshments, music, an audio tour, use of language and cultural customs, imagery and themes. A portion of proceeds from the show will be donated to the Iolanda Violini Scholarship Fund.

Sustainable Design

Artist Larissa Maxwell engages an ESG (Environment-Social-Governance) design to her art practice. This show will integrate sustainable and responsible practices. Examples include compostable paperware, upcycled art materials and packaging, land based practice, and engaging local, ethical suppliers.

Pieces Featured in the Show

Below is a small sample of new work on display in “Over My Shoulder”.