Lineage Collection, 2021

Spring of 2021, Larissa released a limited collection of pieces focused on the concept of lineage- where we come from, how it shapes who we are, and where we are going. Lineage is a complex topic.

Are we the product of our roots, or do we determine our own destinies?

How much of the formation of our lives, our families, our collective histories shape who we are today?

How do we carry the stories of our past into the experiences of our future?

As an artist who continues to learn and uncover their lineage and collective relational story, this collection focuses on the concept in both a symbolic and literal sense. Each painting was a previous painting- some completed, some incomplete, representing the history and experiences of the artist within the experience of new iterations. Each piece has been painted over long periods of time, with meditative formed line work, layered over and under and over and under, building complex textures, depth, and pattern, and finished with brilliant unexpected materials, such as mica, glass, and salt.

  1. Vortice, 2021- $1700
  2. Terra e Mare- 2021- $1400
  3. Terra e Cielo- 2021- SOLD
  4. Corvo Scuro, 2020- $1700
  5. Pietra di Marmo, 2020- $1900
  6. Gemma Nascota, 2020- SOLD