Body of Work

Body of Work | 2007-Present

Artist Larissa Maxwell works concurrently on four ongoing bodies of work; Lignaggio (lineage), Brucaire (burn), Versare (pour), and Cera (wax). Scroll through below to explore. 

Lignaggio (Lineage) Collection, 2020-Present

An ongoing collection of pieces focused on the concept of lineage- where we come from, how it shapes who we are, and where we are going. Lineage is a complex topic.

  • Are we the product of our roots, or do we determine our own destinies?
  • How much of the formation of our lives, our families, our collective histories shape who we are today?
  • How do we carry the stories of our past into the experiences of our future?

As an artist who continues to learn and uncover their lineage and collective relational story, this collection focuses on the concept in both a symbolic and literal sense. Each painting was a previous painting- some completed, some incomplete, representing the history and experiences of the artist within the experience of new iterations. Each piece has been painted over long periods of time, with meditative formed line work, layered over and under and over and under, building complex textures, depth, and pattern, and finished with brilliant unexpected materials, such as mica, glass, and salt.

Bruciare (Burn) Collection, 2017-Present

An ongoing collection of pieces that require incredible patience and technical discipline. In 2017 Larissa began studying encaustic (using wax, resin, and pigment), and still considers herself a student. These pieces are both expensive in materials, and require high technical skill to master.

  • Tenuto in Mano, 2022

Versare (Pour) Collection, 2012-Present

One of Larissa’s longest bodies of work, Versare is a collection of poured pieces, using two signature techniques- controlled pours and water bleeding. Pieces are meticulously planned, and poured either in one sitting or over the course of many sittings. Unlike what you may see online on social media, these pieces are intentional and require a high level of control.

Collaborative Crossover Collection: East Meets West with Jace Kim 2016-2017

In 2016, Larissa Maxwell and Jace Kim sought to challenge themselves and create a collective body of work as part of a concept show of how East Meets West in our lives. These pieces are created by both artists, where one would start the piece, send it to the next artist, and it would be passed back and forth until completed. Additionally, 2 pieces were created live at the show.

Cera (Wax) Collection, 2019-Present

An experimental collection of encaustic works engaging new techniques such as silk imprints, texture building, and carving back.

Elementi (Elements Collection), 2009-2011

One of Larissa’s first collections, these pieces explore essential elements of fire, water, earth, and air.



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