Contact | All questions, comments, and inquiries can be directed to the artist by email. 

Email | elmstudio@live.com, please quote piece title when making inquiries.

About | Larissa Maxwell is a local artist based out of Vancouver & Squamish, BC, Canada, who has been creating multi media art work for over 15 years through Elm Studios. Larissa’s work specializes in acrylic on canvas and wooden cradle, and has recently expanded to include encaustic work. She often utilizes a variety of innovative mediums and techniques, including pumice stone, shellac burns, water bleeding, pouring medium, beeswax, salt emulsion, interference, micaecous oxide, modeling paste, and fibre building compound. 

Larissa’s Philosophy of Art | Art is a reflection of beauty, of good, of things that inspire us to be more than we are. It is a unrelenting passion to see the world through a different lens- a mode of communication that suffices when words are not enough. With one brush stroke we can evoke the authenticity of experiences such as heartache, triumph, loss, redemption. There’s something about art that moves us. Even if the style is not our preference, the essence of created art connects with the core of our humanity. Like somehow we fit, somehow we understand and identify with that which is created because we too are the creation of a masterful artist. And like art, we too are complex, insatiably deep, dynamic- words often do not suffice.

Impacting Community | Elm Studio & Larissa Maxwell currently dedicates a portion of proceeds to support a life-changing organization dedicated to preventing violence against persons with albinism & raising awareness in Tanzania- http://www.underthesamesun.com

Since 2003, Larissa has facilitated art therapy for survivors of human trafficking through The Salvation Army Anti-Human Trafficking Programs- http://www.illuminateht.com




4 thoughts on “About/Contact

  1. you are an amazing person and you being so much love and joy to our family. I could not ask for a better sister!!!

    Love Robyn

  2. Larissa, I love it, I love it all. Really proud of you and want to encourage you to go for it! Jon’s right beside me and we just checked out a bunch of your work. EVERY PLACE YOUR FEET TREAD. Receive that. Walk in that.

  3. Hi Larissa,
    Your work is stunning! My favorite piece would have to be ‘ANEW’, I love the colour contrast so much. You and Evan are so awesome, I love what you guys are doing. Keep going with it!

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