A Thread of Mercy, 2010

Size | 12″ x 24″ Medium | Acrylic on canvas, fiber building compound, sealed with high gloss gel

Price |$200.00 SOLD

This piece was a gift given to a friend who had lost someone special in their life. This someone special happened to be a co-worker of mine, and this poem was written to accompany this piece.


A Thread of Mercy

In honor of Phyllis Walker

By Larissa Maxwell

A thread of mercy found its way in a dark world,

A strand of compassion extended to women in need,

Her disposition was so gentle,

Her empathy so real.


A thread of mercy wove its way through grief and pain,

A cord of hope reached out to those who had lost their grasp,

She gave only what she had,

The unfailing love of a Savior.


A thread of mercy brought a silent revolution,

A gossamer string of forgiveness, grace, and love,

She ministered well,

She heeded His call.

Dear Phyllis, you loved so well.

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